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  • Last Thoughts from Cambodia

    I don’t know where the last two months went, but here I am finishing up a week of debrief and writing our final blog post. As I reflect on the summer, it was amazing and beaut [...]

  • What’s Next?

    This summer has been an amazing growing experience for all Logan, Vail, and I.  We grew close as a team, and we learned things about God that we didn’t expect to.  One of the [...]

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  • Bittersweet: Beginnings and Endings

    Hey, pals!  So, here we find ourselves: at the end of another year of Venture Internships. The interns are heading to the airport, and debrief is coming to an end. There is mu [...]

  • Tiny Disk, Big Job

    The hot summer sun beat down on my fair arms as I slowly swung back and forth on the tree swing. Today was the last day in the office and soon I would be moving out of the pla [...]

  • Impeccable Timing

    Hola Amigas! I have now officially been in been in Mexico for 25 days (crazy, I know), and God has been teaching me and working on me in so many ways, but I will never forget [...]

  • Final Reflections

    Hello, I just got back from Kenya and have learned so much! While I was there I was with an organization called AfricaHope. The people there are so nice and trusting of one an [...]